The Master and Doctoral School from the University of the Basque Country offers two new master’s degrees in the 2012-13 academic year, the Master in Transportation Systems and the Master in Language Policy and Planning. With the introduction of these new titles, the master’s degree offering from the University of the Basque Country expands to 100 multilingual titles, 12 of them taught in English, 14 inter-university masters and 8 international masters. Furthermore, two of them have the prestigious European seal of Erasmus Mundus.


Master in Transportation Systems

This new programme addresses the training of professionals and researchers in the field of mobility management as far as the transport of people and goods is concerned, focusing on demand, through the definition, monitoring and evaluation of mobility projects, network development and the use and design of tools based on information, organization and coordination, in order to support and encourage a change of attitude and behaviour regarding transportation that will allow for advances in sustainability, accessibility, inter-modality and the reduction of mobility’s environmental impact.

The new master will be taught in Spanish and English by faculty from the University of the Basque Country, as well as from other institutions, including the University of Girona, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Vicomtech Visual Interaction and Communication Technologies Centre. Furthermore, students of the Master’s degree will conduct their practices and projects in collaborating institutions in the transportation sector of the Basque Country.

It has a load of 60 ECTS credits (1 academic year), 20 seats and will be taught at the Technical College of San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa).

For more information, please visit the Master’s website.


Master in Language Policy and Planning

Often two or more languages coexist in the same territory, but this coexistence is almost never a position of equality. One of the languages imposes its hegemony over the other and steadily comprises more and more social functions to the detriment of the “minority language”. Regulating the linguistic coexistence has been the objective of numerous scientists and many governments and non-governmental organizations since the second half of the twentieth century.

The new Master in Language Policy and Planning collects in its programme all of these areas related to a comprehensive language planning, offering specialized high-level training. In addition, it aims to provide sufficient knowledge on language policy in Europe and other continents, as well as on areas that a comprehensive language planning should comprise. At the same time, it seeks to provide the necessary training to participate in the task of language planning, design planning programmes in minority languages and start out in the research of multiple aspects that make up the revitalisation of a minority language.

It will be taught in Spanish in the Faculty of Education of the National University of San Antonio Abad in Cusco (Peru). It will consist of 60 ECTS credits and will feature the participation of faculty from the University of the Basque Country, as well as from institutions outside the University, such as Mondragon Unibertsitatea.

For more information, please visit the Master’s website.


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