The identified Knowledge Hubs are:

1. Health and sustainable upgrading of the oceans



2. Agroforestry ecosystems: sustainable management and innovation

Ecosist Agroforestales


Health and sustainable upgrading of forestry and agricultural systems

3. Territory, Landscape, Heritage

Paisaje y Patrimonio

Research-action on the landscape, with landscape being taken as any part of the territory as the population perceives it resulting from the action and interaction of human and/or natural factors.

4. Healthy mind: Neuroscience


Study of how the nervous system works and some of the neurological diseases with the greatest social impact

5. Healthy food: Healthy body

Alimentacion saludable

Healthy food and lifestyle

6. Materials


Materials for the 21st century: sustainable, customized and multi-functional nanomaterials

7. Manufacturing


Robotic and advanced manufacturing.

8. Simulation, modelling and computing


Study and formulating computing models, methods and tools for their application in different social, technological and scientific challenges.

9. Speaking and language technologies for global communication


Global communication: multimedia, multilingual, multi-domain and multisensory

10. Social Transformation

Transformación social

The Euskampus aggregation as a benchmark for Basque society to understand and address their future and present challenges.

11. Art and Creativity


Meeting points between Science, Technology and Art