Euskampus as a catalyst of Knowledge Hubs

In order to encourage, streamline and catalyse this collaborative dynamics aimed at solving social and global challenges from a first-rate technology scientific perspective,  Euskampus Fundazioa will act as a manger of an Investment Fund set up to act as a source of secondary funding to drive the training, research and transfer activities set out in the different agendas of the Hubs.

With the setting up of this Fund, Euskampus Fundazioa will help to attract competitive public funding to carry out the project.  It will do so by designing ad hoc interventions that are not envisaged in the existing funding instruments.

The return on investment that Euskampus Fundazioa will always seek will be determined by the results obtained in the framework of the projects and measures driven by that Fund. These results may be of different types, with particular emphasis on first-rate scientific publications, patented technological developments, spin-offs, Erasmus Mundus Master’s or doctorate programmes, etc.

The solution set out below therefore is in line with the need to  fit in a  structure of instruments to promote Science, Technology and Innovation   that is both novel and effect, easily to implement and which showcases the renovated leadership that the UPV/EHU seeks to exercise as a driving force for the excellence of the Basque C-T-I system

Therefore, given the current climate of austerity, it is more necessary than ever to  consolidate the undertakings  in order to achieve the levels of support that ensure the continuity of the efforts made and which have to be continued in order to transform the Basque Country into an advanced society that is on the path to knowledge as a driving force for growth and well-being.

The operating rules of the Investment Fund are set out in more detailed below:

Investment strategy

The investment strategy is marked by the Strategic Framework for each Hub and which has been designed as co-creation by the technology and scientific community related to addressing the selected challenges. The  2012-2015 strategic framework  establishes the strategic guidelines for Euskampus in the development of the Hub. This strategic framework considers a set of social or global challenges to be addressed and whose complexity requires the assistance of many disciplines and knowledge areas.

Values to be used to manage the Investment Fund

Maximum transparency and communication  in investment criteria;

Discretion  free of arbitrary nature in investment decision-taking;

Agility and response capacity to decisively drive the selected investments.

Investment criteria

Positioning the proposal within the strategic framework of the Euskampus Knowledge Hub  and its focus on university excellence. The investments will always be aimed at the development of critical capacities for excellence in education, research and assessment of the knowledge generated. The emphasis will always be on  returns on investment in the form of quality scientific publications, patent development inter-university or international master’s degree, PhD programmes with excellence or  Erasmus Mundus, etc.;

Collaboration of the UPV/EHU with member or associate entities  to the CEI Euskampus project and that collaboration is the result of shared visions that provide real strategic alliances that go beyond the client-supplier collaborations;

Leverage  to access private funding or competitive public funding programmes or resources that endorsed the excellence of the proposed initiatives.  Under no circumstances may the Euskampus Fundazioa investments replace the existing competitive public funding  and available for the research communty. Quite to the contrary, Euskampus should drive the use of that funding by facilitating access to any event and stimulating the obtaining of economic resources.

Governance Model of the Investment Fund

The Strategic Framework 2012-2015 and the agenda 1.0, will be approved by the Euskampus Fundazioa  Executive Committee under the aegis of the Chancellor of the UPV/EHU;

The management of the Investment Fund for the Euskampus Knowledge Hub will the responsibility of Euskampus Fundazioa.

The regular updating of the Hub project agenda must be approved by the   Euskampus Fundazioa Executive Committee when so proposed. Therefore, Euskampus Fundazioa will continue with its receptive and pro-active work to identify and promote new actions that will enable the contents of the different strategic frameworks of the Knowledge Hub to be developed;

An Advisory Expert Committee will be established as a non-binding consultative entity and made up by at least the set of people who took part in co-creation phases of the Knowledge Hub. Euskampus Fundazioa, which will be the secretary to the Committee, will report the advances achieved and will submit the investment proposals from the Investment Community for their assessment;

At the end of each year, a report will be produced for each Knowledge Hub setting out the activities carried out, the results obtained, revenue and expenditure, the  leveraged funds and all that information that guarantees the transparency of the investments undertaken.