Due to a collaborative study with national and international universities, one of which is the University of Bordeaux, Pedro Grandes and his Neuroscience Pole team, have discovered the CB1 brain receptor responsible for the activation of the smell perception when we spend time in food abstinence. That is to say, we smell more and better when we are hungry.

The studies, that have lasted 4 years, were carried out comparing mice that had the CB1 receptor with mice that lack it. Thanks to this comparison they discovered that if that receptor was missing in the organism, the mice ate much less in hunger situations. Besides, in the same way, it was confirmed that this mechanism is not activated unless we are in abstinence. This kind of alarm system pushes us to eat more when we are hungry. This discovery, published in the prestigious journal Nature Neuoroscience, could be key to deal with illnesses like anorexia or obesity, both related with obsessive-compulsive eating disorders.

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