The IKD GAZTE project’s main purpose is to promote the empowerment of students of the UPV / EHU in the implementation process of IKD, an own model of curriculum development methodologies based on active learning (Ikaskuntza Kooperatibo eta Dinamikoa/ Cooperative and Dynamic Teaching-learning).

For the project development IKD GAZTE the Vice-chair for Students, Employment and Social Responsibility collaborates with the Educational Counseling Service of the UPV / EHU in consortium with EUSKAMPUS Fundazioa – “IKD GAZte for excellence” and it has the support of the Department of Innovation, Rural Development and Tourism of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

The specific objective of the course 2012/2013 has been to develop a pilot project which aims at incardinating in the curriculum the sense of initiative. We have designed and implemented a self-managed module by students to develop competencies related to the Sense of Initiative.

The IKD model for curricular development promotes the idea of students assuming  the role of their own learning and making of it an active element in the governance of the university. In order to do so, this model encourages learning through active methodologies, assures the continuous and formative assessment, impulses the hosting programs in the centers, articulates the recognition of previous experience (academic, professional, vital, cultural) and promotes programs of mobility and cooperation.

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