The new Master and PhD studies School of the UPV/EHU is a Center in charge of the training of Masters and PhD studies in all the knowledge branches and it is tightly linked to the I+d+i centers, Institutions and companies of our surroundings.

Escuela de Máster y DoctoradoThe Master and PhD studies School offers a total of 101 masters and 71 PhD programs of which 32 have been selected in concurrence competence among all Spanish universities as “PhD grades with excellence mention”. The UPV/EHU has been the university with the highest number of mentions.
The UPV also projects itself to the exterior: it participates as an associate in Master and PhD programs together with Erasmus Mundus and has since 2008 a Latin-American network of Masters and PhD studies School together with 13 universities

Its mission

Promote the excellence, the visibility and internationalization of our Masters and PhD studies, as well as organize activities of cross-sectional education in a multidisciplinary context in order to adequate the abilities achieved during the PhD studies and the real needs of society.

  • 101 multilingual, 14 in English, 14 inter-university, 8 international masters, 2 Erasmus Mundus
  • 71 PhD programs, 32 with Excellence Mention from the Ministry
  • More than 300 agreements signed with I+D+i centers, Institutions and enterprises for Masters and PhD programs
  • Latin-American network of Master and PhD studies (13 universities)
  • Over 2500 Master’s students and nearly 2300 PhD candidates
  • 326 doctoral theses read during the year 2011/2012, 75 with a European mention

Consult The Master and PhD studies School all offers

  • South America’s courses offer: EDM-South America
  • Fully english courses offer: EMD-English-Postgraduate_studies
  • More information in the web site of EMD:

  • And in the web site of Postgraduate Studies and Continuous Education Unit.: