The Euskampus project seeks to position the Basque Country as an international benchmark in its four areas of specialisation, given its attractive graduate and post-graduate academic courses, along with generation and transfer of knowledge, technological innovation and sustainable development. Internationalisation is therefore one of the cornerstones of this project. As a key factor for success, special mention must be thus made of the importance of the Cross-border Campus of International Execllence with Bordeaux University, in the context of the Euroregion and the European Atlantic Corridor.
Internationalisation is a lynchpin in all Euskampus spheres of action, from where the international cooperation work with stakeholders and institutions is driven in projects in the areas of teaching, research, transfer and innovation.
The projects under the aegis of Euskampus are driven from its 3 specialisation areas, with an emphasis on cooperation, aggregation, co-creation and interdisciplinarity, which are the cornerstones of the Euskampus project itself, with a focus on the socio-economic context of the major challenges being faced in Europe and internationally.
The priority areas to drive internationalisation are as follows:

  1. International leadership in the three priority areas of action in R&D&i.
  2. Exchanges with international institutions and networks in the spheres of learning, research and knowledge transfer
  3. Projects in the area of educational innovation, new ways of learning and open education
  4. Projects that foster the research-education-innovation/entrepreneurship knowledge triangle

From the area of internationalisation and European projects, we are working on improving the international positioning of the University of the Basque Country in research, transfer and learning, by improving its connections with other stakeholders in the sphere of science, technology and innovation of the Basque Country, and by supporting its researchers in establishing networks and collaboration projects with other international and European universities and actors.
Amongst other actions, Euskampus has driven the presence of the members of the aggregation in key European initiatives, such as the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC), the Knowledge Alliances and Horizon 2020.