Captura de pantalla 2013-06-18 a la(s) 12.20.51The UPV/EHU has added to its academic offer for the next year 2013/2014 a new degree of Master of Social Innovation and Creative and Cultural Industries.

This training project is the result of an alliance of the UPV / EHU with Spri – the Business Development Agency of the Basque Government- and the Research Center Sinnergiak Social Innovation  in order to respond to the growing importance of social innovation and cultural and creative industries in  the economic development..

Sinnergiak is an autonomous unit within Euskampus Fundazioa that is promoted by the UPV / EHU in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence with the target of creating a Hub of Education, research, transfer and innovation of international reference with local impact.

The contents of the Master include the identification of social innovation, the scenarios where they can arise and the agents that take part in it. Likewise,  the the enhancement of skills and attitudes that favour the innovation in and out organizations. The program includes the use of the TICs in in the field of cultural and creative industries, the possibilities of hibridation of these with social innovation, as well as the new methodologies for problem solving.

 Core competencies of the degree

  1. Acquire systematic and structured knowledge about concepts regarding social innovation and cultural and creative industries.
  2. Learn to use the basic concepts associated to both cases.
  3. Understand a learning model based on case studies and specific situations.
  4. Qualify  oneself to apply one’s learning experience.
  5. Acquire discursive skills, based on rationality and reflection
  6. Problematize reality systematically, in accordance with the situation of nowadays professional world.
  7. Analyze the basic concepts that relate to the social innovation with the cultural and creative companies.
  8. Apply the acquired knowledge in real practical situations.

The Master, which will be in Spanish, has a total of 60 credits that include training periods in organizations such as Innobasque, Ner Group, Sinnergiak and , Kultiba, among others.



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  • Telephone  600 437 408

Master Dossier


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