In Europe, the development of the knowledge society as a goal for progress is an old proposal. But it is a path that presents deep challenges and requires an integrated political, entrepreneurial, technological and social positioning. Europe’s path is maintaining a quality of life status that has already been achieved to a certain extent and to develop a social balance that coexists with the technological challenges that feed the knowledge society.

The development of knowledge can be related to military challenges, those of a consumer society and social challenges or a combination of the above. This focus of the application of knowledge configures the economy and its purposes.

This lecture will cover Europe’s starting position in terms of newly created economical and social movements, which anticipate a transformation towards a future economical and social network, in which the latter leads the transformation dynamics and organises both means and ends. The exit path from a Europe that is more economistic than social in its current vision, could create a singular way that could be a reference of progress on a global level for other leading and emerging economical blocks when their social maturity is higher, provided that technological, social and political initiatives mature and are consolidated.

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