Pre-doctoral researchers at the UPV/EHU, Tecnalia and the DIPC have a series of grants available to them to take part in the ImagineNano 2015 event, which will deal with all the fields of science, engineering and technology at nano scale, and where they will have the opportunity to present a paper.

Specifically, 10 grants are on offer for the Graphene 2015 conference, 5 for PPM 2015 and 10 more for NanoSpain 2015, covering the registration fee. The grants will be distributed according to the order in which applications are received, and each person can only apply for one of them. 

Moreover, students belonging to centres which are part of International research networks (GDRI) can apply for grants of €200 to cover travel expenses to attend Graphene 2015.

To opt for the grants a one-page abstract of the paper to present must be submitted, together with a letter from the thesis supervisor, as stipulated at

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