Euskampus Fundazioa leads and deploys the own actions of the Foundation on behalf of the alliance as a whole, at the same time as it coordinates and maximises actions developed by the entities of the alliance in the framework of the Euskampus project.It therefore has a versatile and multidisciplinary taskforce with a great capacity to adapt to the project challenges embarked on by the Foundation, and with the personal support of the founding entities, particularly of the UPV/EHU.Its objective is to provide a catalogue of high value added services for the founding entities, strategic partners and clients, with an approach and work methodology based on co-creation.

Igor Campillo – Director

8I am in charge of designing and deploying the strategy at all levels and of the overall performance of Euskampus Fundazioa.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree and PhD in Physics from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). I qualified as a University Expert in Journalism and Scientific Communication from the UNED (Spanish Open University).
I lectured in Condensed Matter Physics at the Science Faculty of the UPV/EHU and at the UNED (1998-2000). I worked as an international project engineer at Gamesa Energía (2000), a researcher and project manager at LABEIN-Tecnalia (2000-2006), a lecturer at Deusto University (2002 – 2003), a communication and project manager at CIC nanoGUNE (2006-2009), the manager of the nanoBasque Agnency of the SPRI (2008-2009) and the director of the Technology Institute at Deusto University – DeustoTech (2009-2011).
I have written 70 international scientific articlesindexed in the Web of Knowledge and am the author of 3 patents. I coordinated the Atom by Atom and Passion for Knowledge congresses, held in Donostia-San Sebastián in 2009 and 2010, respectively.
A bookworm and a bit of a World War II geek, I love to run, swim and cycle, but I am no triathlete. I prefer the countryside to towns, but, from time to time, I like to stroll through and enjoy everything large cities have to offer. And finally, but no less important, I am the father of four children with whom I am trying to share everything I enjoy.

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Julieta Barrenechea – IKD GAZtE Project Manager


I am in charge of internationalising the IKD GAZtE project of the UPV/EHU in the Euskampus context and support the deployment of of the Euroregional Campus of excellence between IdEx Bordeaux (Bordeaux University Campus of Excellence) and Euskampus.

I graduated in Sociology (UBA), and hold a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Management of Science and Technology from the UPV/EHU and I am working on my thesis for my PhD in Philosophy of Science (UPV/EHU). I coordinate the Technical Secretariat of theGAZE Programme (Gipuzkoa) and of the IKD GAZtE Project (UPV/EHU) to foster the sense of entrepreneurial culture and initiative among Higher Education students. I trained as a researcher with CONICET grants (Argentina) – and I train part of the Science, Technology and Innovation Networks Management and Research Division of the Sánchez-Mazas Chair (UPV/EHU). I teach courses on the Master’s in Management of Innovation and Knowledge at the UPV/EHU. I have worked on intervention and research projects on: the assessment of connectivity in scientific activity and extended knowledge networks, social innovation, entrepreneurial culture and empowerment of the students in the framework of educational innovation, participative management and institutional governance of environmental risks. I am lucky to work in areas that I like and with great young people.
During this stage in particular I am delighted to be among those people who are seeking to drive important changes in the education to make us believe that there are opportunities and that “there is hope over the horizon”…


Jordi Campàs –  Cooperative Research Manager

5I am in charge of the co-creation process at the Euskampus Knowledge Hubs and its implementation through the Investment Fund set up to drive the transfer, research and training actions included in their agendas.
I graduated in Economic Sciences from the Autónoma University of Madrid and I hold a PhD in Economics from Toulouse Social Sciences University. I previously worked as a consultant specialising in innovation and fostering entrepreneurship for 12 years (10 years at Europraxis, Indra group, 1 year at Naider and 1 year as a freelancer). Special mention should be made of my involvement in defining Science, Technology and Innovation plans, developing partnerships within the business clusters in different Autonomous Communities of Spain, and entrepreneurship. I have also lectured in Macroeconomics and Economic Policy at Toulouse and Deusto Universities, respectively.
Rugby, both on and off the pitch, stands out among the loves I can confess to as a collective sport par excellence and because it teaches you values. I continue to play once a year with my lifelong team, the French Lycée of Madrid, because old “rugbymen” never die.

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Itxaso Etxebarria – Event and Administrative Manager

6I am in charge of providing technical support to the Euskampus team and I manage the general administration and events of the Euskampus project.

I graduated in Philosophy and Literature, English Philology section, from Deusto University. I completed my university education at Université de Pau-et des Pays de l’Adour. I hold a Master’s in Foreign Trade from the Elkano Business Studies School (MACEX), a Master’s in Business Management from Bilbao Professional Association of Engineers and am a Euskalit Assessor.
I have lived in Hollister (Ca, USA), where I finished my Secondary Education, in the United Kingdom, where I worked organised courses-stays for student groups, and in France.
I was a tenured lecturer at the Secretarial School of Deusto University and at Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, School of Engineering at the UPV/EHU, and have taught in companies and for the Public Administration (Bizkaia Provincial Council, BBVA, Petronor, among others). They were very rewarding years, as teaching gives meaning to your work, even though it is not widely recognised, but if it is your vocation, you get a great deal personally from it.
After nearly 7 years in the Public Administration as an assistant to the Municipal Archivist and Member of the Quality Committee of Getxo Council, I worked as a consultant with Estrategia Local and EUDEL, where I deployed innovation agendas in Basque local councils.
It is true that I love studying the different structuring of the reality surrounding us from a linguistic approach and the curious aspect of the difference in linguistic perspectives… which is maybe why I continue to study them.
A regular pastime? spinning and paddle tennis, as they help me switch off and up my endorphin level. A private love? Literature, music, and of course enjoying the daily beauty that we can find in nature, enjoying that free privilege and teaching it to my 3 children, my most important life projects.


Katixa Peigneguy – Euroregional Campus Manager

2I am in charge of designing and the executive implementation of the strategy and deployment of the Euroregional Campus of excellence between IdEx Bordeaux (Bordeaux University Campus of Excellence) and Euskampus.

I graduated in Political Sciences from Sciences-Po Rennes and hold a Master’s in Public Management from Sciences-Po Bordeaux (France).
Right from the start of my professional career, I have been involved in different territorial development projects in various fields (Science, Technology and Innovation, entrepreneurship, training, etc.), including international, cross-border (fundamentally Spanish-French) and international dynamics, above all in Aquitaine and the Basque Country, where I worked for different consultants. I have not stopped “navigating” for them and that is even more so the case in the post that I have held since I joined the Euskampus project in December 2011.
I was lucky enough to grow up in a cross-border area (French Basque Country) and I suppose that explains why I have always been fascinated by this remoteness and closeness that are mixed with joy, where different languages are spoken, different culture and/or ways of seeing and doing things are intertwined; things that are so similar and yet so different, that offer so many opportunities and wealth in all areas for those who want to discovers them; opportunities that are often not sufficiently appreciated by its inhabitants, by its institutions and by its companies that I like to know and share. I therefore feel at ease in my role as facilitator, “connector”, as a “bridge” between people and organisations that can gain both by knowing each other, by uniting, by co-constructing together, and by cooperating to be better internationally.


Susana Sánchez-Gil – Documentation and Scientometrics Analyst


I am in charge of analysing the scientific activity and measuring the indicators of the Euskampus project.

I hold a short- and long-cycle degree in Library Sciences and Documentation from the Carlos III University of Madrid. I am working on the doctoral thesis on the analysis of research proposals and the curricula of the main researchers in the framework of the R&D National Plan in the Social Sciences ANEP area.
In 2006, I worked for the Spanish Assessment and Long-Range Planning Agency (ANEP) as the head of the Psychology and Education Sciences, where I managed assessments and developed statistical studies of the different ANEP assessment programmes. In 2008, I joined the Laboratory on Metric Information Studies (LEMI) at the Carlos III University of Madrid, where I researched in the development of the Observatory of Spanish University Research. In 2009, I joined the Research Service of the same university where I worked in the Web Portal, Long-range Planning and Research Report Unit.
I prepare reports for the Urrutia Elejalde Foundation on the scientific activity of the candidates for the FUE Diversity Prize.
The best plan: getting together with good friends. A commitment: social rights. A true love: even though I feel at home in Madrid as I walk along its streets, I am Swiss at heart.

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7I am in charge of deploying the internationalisation strategy by means of participating in international and European projects of Euskampus and its partners.
I have worked for over 10 years in the management of innovation and coordination of European projects, both in the public and private sphere. I am particularly interested in the coordination of multi-disciplinary collaborative project, in the sphere of social innovation and with a clear transforming impact. For over eight years, I worked at Zabala Innovation Consulting, supporting the involvement of Spanish entities in European innovation, development and research projects, as well as in establishing collaboration networks to boost their internationalisation. I have worked on implementing innovation and research projects in areas such as ageing, the quality of life of the elderly and social innovation from INGEMA and Sinnergiak.

“Doing a good job means having curiosity, investigating and learning from uncertainty”

The craftsman, Richard Sennett.

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I am in charge of designing the communication strategy and of deploying the Euskampus digital identity and support in this area to its strategic partners.

I am the founder and content director of the Unadocenade.com blog, the winner of the Bitácoras 2012 award to the best cultural blog, where I also edit the Modus Vivendi section.
I worked as a communication advisor for the Open Government project of the Basque Government, Irekia, where my main project was to prepare the Style and Usage Guide for the Basque Government’s Social Network and its subsequent implementation.
I have been a lecturer and speaker at different congresses and courses on social networks, digital identity, online communities, etc., particularly for institutions, but I also worked with the Vitoria-Gasteiz Chamber of Commerce and with the GasteizOn Association to bring the new technologies to trade.
I am the territorial delegate of the AERCO-PSM in Álava. I organise eInnobar, a monthly socio-technology event in Vitoria-Gasteiz. I also organised the UrbanSare conferences in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 2010 and 2011. I contribute to the Cadena SER radio station in Vitoria in its section on new technologies.
I confess to being a full-time geek. I do not know how to say no to a good plan, particularly if it involves lingering after a meal with friends and discussing divinity and humanity for hours at a time. I like nearly every type of book and live music. I love walking along the city streets, through parks, on a rainy day…

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This academic year, we also have the following interns with us:

Asier Lekue, Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations and student of Social Communications Master (UPV/EHU).

Mikel Lecue, Graduate in Business Administration and Management and student of (UPV/EHU) and student of Bussines Management from Innovation and Internationalization

In addition, previously they have been working with us:

Orge Luvin Castellano ParraJon Etxebarria MontalbanIrati Armentia AranaMaría Pulido EstevanezIñigo Salaverri Esturo, Elisabeth Pérez Ganboa, Maria Grazia TremolizzoIbai Zurimendi Unzueta, Jon Urrutia Hernando, Paula Amieva ClementeJosune López García, Erik Blanco Alonso, Cristina Diaz De Alda Olasolo