Euskampus, the Vice-Chancellor for Internationalisation at the UPV/EHU andDelegate for Euroregional Cooperation of the Basque Government, welcomed a delegation of South American university representatives in the Assembly Hall of the university. The central section of the meeting focused on the problems of universities located in border regions, in geographical areas such as Iguazu, where shared research and educational products could be developed between the border countries for those areas, in a similar way to how the Euskampus project is being developed between the UPV/EHU and Bordeaux University .

Both the Vice-Chancellor, Miriam Peñalaba, and the Euskampus Director, Igor Campillo, with the help of Miguel Angel Crespo, the Basque Government’s Euroregion Delegate, outlined the approach used in the development of the this Euskampus Euro-regional project. Katixa Peigneguy, as the person in charge of implementing project, added to and specified all the details.

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