A connection between the Basque Country and Aquitaine is being built since 1994. Deep links have been forged between the actors of higher education and research in the two regions,  in a process of cross-border cooperation (including The AEN transborder network Aquitaine Euskadi Navarra).

In 2011, the certification of Euskampus  Campus of Excellence in Spain meets the labelling of IdEx Bordeaux  the Initiative of Excellence of Bordeaux in France.

This parallel recognition made a natural connection between these two major strategic projects. They agreed on a common plan of action in order to contribute to accelerating the development of a Euro-regional campus. If it does not, on its own, constitute a euroregional campus that will involve all stakeholders in higher education and research in both regions, the alliance Euskampus/IdEx Bordeaux has a logic of putting together the respective dynamics to contribute to this goal.

More info: Euskampus & Idex – See more



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