Most  significant results of the work carried out in different areas:

September 2010: Official implementation of the strategic alliance with the signing of a specific agreement to set up a cross-border campus.

May 2011: Bilateral meeting to define the possible priority fields of the Euroregional campus.

December 2011:

–      Defining the general approach to construct the Euroregional Campus

–      Defining government structure and establishing the consolidated Euskampus/IdeXBordeaux mixed operational team.

–      Approval of an initial roadmap to the presentation of the plan of action

January-June 2012:

–      Identifying the strengths of each project, common synergies and potential and existing collaborations.

–      Meetings with the project leaders involved in the programmes of excellence

–      Presentation of the initiative to public officials, potential partners, international delegations and best practice exchange meetings

–      Joint presentation of project applications in 3 European calls

–      Setting up a post to foster entrepreneurship among students with 50% dedication to cross-border dynamics and that will actively collaborate with the Euskampus Fundazioa

May 2012: Defining the strategic plan of action 2012-2015 based on the implementation timeline for the two Campus of Excellence projects

October 2012: 24-hour innovation contest at Bidart.

January 2013:  10 co-tuelle thesus (currently being examined) in areas of excellence

April 2013: First exchange of experiences between the academic staff in charge of Master’s of both universities.