The aim is to set up a campus that is an international leader in the fields of higher education, in research networks of excellence and in innovation, focusing on common areas of expertise:

• Sustainable ecosystems and environmental technologies,

• Innovative processes and new materials,

• Healthy aging and quality of life and

• Social innovation.



Strategic objectives are proposed at different levels:

  • Individual: reinforce the actions of each university and periuniversity environment.
  • Regional: achieve the euroregional goal of an economy based on knowledge and innovation.
  • State: increasing the expected return on investment in strategies of excellence
  • European:  contributing to the development of a European space of  research and higher education.


To do this, we have designed a joint action plan with the following objectives:

• Generate joint academic offerings (double degrees, co-supervised theses, etc.) internationally attractive.

• To promote the mobility of students, teachers and researchers on campus

• Promote synergies in R & D + i and encouraging joint actions of  knowledge transfer and valorization, internationally, with direct impact on its territory

• International joint promotion of the campus