While people are feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the speed of change in our societies, organisations and companies to adapt to “liquid” environments, intentional change, by which an organisation decides their desired direction of change that is maintained until it is completely implemented, is a rarity. The inconsistency of the processes of intentional change is justified with arguments such as “no plan survives a reality check” or “the information we had is obsolete today”, when in reality, fear is what’s stopping us.

In this conference I will address the need for a new profession, Agents of Intentional Change, specialists in design, facilitation and management of processes of change that go beyond merely obtaining a goal but that seek to transform the systems that they intervene in. I will also address the characteristics of these professionals, who must have a vocation for transformation, the ability to be faithful to this vocation and a desire to put it at the service of the “bottom line”, as we could say “having your cake and eating it”.

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