October day 9, at the formal opening of the Academic Year 2014-15 of the University of Lorraine in France, Enrique ZUAZUA, Distinguished Ikerbasque Professor, PDEs, Control and Numerics Research Line Leader and Founder Scientific Director of BCAM – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics and Full Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, received an honorary doctorate from the University of Lorraine.

In a ceremony presided by the President of the University, Professor Pierre Mutzenhardt in the presence of the Rector of the Academy of Nancy-Metz, Professor Gilles Pécout, Professor Marius Tucsnak, Director of the Laboratory Mathematics of the University, delivered the laudatory speech in which he praised the career and contributions of the Basque researcher. Enrique Zuazua in his speech, delivered in French, with title “Mathématiques et contrôle de systèmes: en route vers l’avenir (“Mathematics and control systems: Road to the Future”), described some of his major contributions in the area of control systems and numerical simulation and stressed the importance of mathematics must play in the development of a more prosperous and just society.

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