Trades were a historical construction. In the Former Regime, most positions in the government, army and Church were hereditary. There was no need for talent to enjoy privileges. From the 17th Century onwards (S. Pepys) it is evident that individuals should be respected for their talent. The formula is: “careers open to talent”. During the […]


The physical transformation of Bilbao and its urban environment is a complex process resulting from an intense and long-standing work following a plan created by different public institutions. This process sinks its roots in the dynamic and entrepreneurial character that has characterised the people of Bilbao since its foundation in the year 1300, when Don […]


The University of Bordeaux (50,000 students, 2,818 faculty members, 2,763 administrative staff) results from the extensive fusion process of three major universities recently completed (January 2014). This process began in 2008 and involved a federation of public organizations of R & D & I and Higher Education, created in March 2007, to carry out a […]


Bertsolarism is a tradition, but a very alive one. A modern tradition. Why is it so strong? Why is it so healthy? Because of the quality of the bertsolaris? That for sure will have something to do, of course, but in our opinion, apart from the quality of the verses, there are other factors that […]

Launch of the Summer Course “Experiences in the development of transformation strategies and processes”

On 14 and 15 July at the Palacio Miramar in Donostia / San Sebastian. Experiences that will be delivered by top lecturers like Juan José Ibarretxe or Adam Price. Euskampus Fundazioa, an institution created by the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Tecnalia and DIPC, promotes the summer course “Experiences in the development of transformation […]


This paper deals with the study of organisational dynamics (epigenetic dynamics, as it is called in this text) that arise from the processes to adapt to unstable and turbulent environments. Unlike the prevailing Darwinist approach, which considers that the adaptation of social organisations to change happens slowly and moderately, our argument suggests fast transformation processes […]


Research activity focus on challenges is a trend that has been set since 2009 with the publication of the document: “A New Nature of Innovation” of OECD. This document mentions the 4 innovation drivers and an enabler. The drivers are: Co-creation of value with customers and involvement of the users’ knowledge; Global knowledge sourcing and […]


At Cardiff University we are proposing to build the world’s first purpose-built Social Science Park (SPARK). There is increasing recognition that major research breakthroughs require cross-disciplinary activities and that the most impactful research often stems from close collaborative working, with a variety of research partners from the earliest stages of problem definition and research framing. […]